Our likes & Dislikes!

So this blog is all things anuar and aqidah. Here you’ll find an amalgam, a mix match, a blend of our thoughts and basically a place for us to rant on our daily lives. A little bite sized fact about us, we’ve been friends for close to two years and i popped her the inevitable question (wait-a-minute-its-not-a-proposal) to be my girlfriend. We’ve been together as a couple for close to 7 months now and the journey has just started for us. People say the honeymoon period lasts for 2-3 months? Well, we beg to differ. Here’s the first post of our blog!

On this post, we’ll challenge each other on our likes and dislikes. To make things simple, we’ll try to guess(hopefully correct) on what makes us go gaga and what disgusts us.

So first up, I’m gonna try to guess Aqidah’s likes and dislikes.

Aqidah’s likes…

  1. Every girl has her favourite flower and hers happen to be the sunflower!
  2. She likes chocolates. Especially dark chocolates. Darkkkkk chocolatessss, yes she‘ll go big-eyed over them.
  3. Did I mention her favourite hot bodied male actor is Chris Evans. Damn those abs.
  4. She loves listening to music. Her impeccable skill to identify songs (new and old) still amazes me to this day. Oh and she listens to classical music too. Wait a minute this will earn me an extra point, her favourite classical song is Air on G String by Bach.
  5. Besides listening to music, she plays the trombone! And her band won gold before (oh crap i forgot what competition is that :/)
  6. Her current favourite song is Taylor Swift’s “The Last Time”
  7. She loves blackand white. Mostly black. And more black. Black.
  8. Her favourite snack by far is seaweed. Trust me she can finish a whole big bag of seaweed within an hour.
  9. Kdramas are her favourite. Any kdrama that can get her in tears, please advise me on which kdrama can make her cry. She loves that.
  10. Her favourite shop would be Charles & Keith. Most of the time when we are out window shopping, we will not fail to enter at least one of these boutique shops. The bagsssss. Especially the bags!!
  11. She prefers and likes to keep her hair bun up.
  12. Anything that is simple, minimalistic and clean, instant like.
  13. She loves to look at pictures of beaches and sunset and dreams of going there one day. (God willing)
  14. She likes to keep things neat and tidy. Which is a plus point for me to as i don’t like to see things in a mess.
  15. Loves to sing. Really, be it humming or that frozen songwhat’s that song again that goes do you wanna build a….
  16. She likes long bus rides. Minus the bumpiness in between, and people farting in the bus.
  17. Two words. Green Tea. Any kind of them, from jasmine to the bitter tasting japanese green tea.

Aqidah’s dislikes

  1. Insects and animals. Anything that moves and is furry, get it out of her sight or she’ll freak out.
  2. Anything that is out of order, refer to point number 14 in the like section.


Hardyharhar. So here I am, me, on Anuar’s likes and dislikes.

Anuar’s Likes….

  1. Boys likes flowers too and his will be Tulips!
  2. Loves Ritter Sports Hazelnut Chocolates.. mmhmmm
  3. Loves Milo.
  4. Got a thing for bayam (type of vegetable in malay) and i think he got a thing for kangkung belacan too now!
  5. Linkin Park.
  6. Man vs Wild – Favourite Tv Show ever!
  7. Loves cats/dogs. Anything that he can show love and concern.
  9. Natalie Portman.
  10. Likes simple things and is a minimalist.
  11. Likes things to be clean and organised. Every other day he wld be doing house chores, mopping and just cleaning.
  12. Love to go drive arounds especially when he’s the one driving.
  13. Love the runway near the airport. (with fog effects to be precise)
  14. Loves watching National Geographic and all that informative shows. Either on TV or youtube.
  15. BATMAN. Probably still will in 100 years time anyways.
  16. Loves R&R rather than shopping.
  17. Chillings sessions and massages.
  18. Burger King.
  19. Yellow Submarine or anything with lotsa cheese on/in it.
  20. Milk boy.
  21. Loves reading forums or anything informative, check item 14.
  22. Prefers windy weather to cold weather.
  23. Loves RED.
  24. Prefers shorts over pants.
  25. ME. 😛

Anuar’s Dislikes….

  1. Frozen soundtrack. HEHEHEHEHEHHE
  2. Silent treatment. Hmmm. 😛
  3. Taro Turnover.
  4. Octopus.
  5. Crab eggs.


Our likes & Dislikes!

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