Anuar says…

Our 7th monthsary was the stuff that makes us try new things. Headed to IMM to grab our scrumptious food at Bagus. I deliberately held my hunger to go big and wild on the food. Turns out, i barely even finished half of my side dish(carrot cake by the way) which was shared with darling. As soon as we’ve arrived just outside of Bagus, we could’nt get our eyes off the rest’n’go massage chairs. And you guessed it, we planted our butts firmly on our own respective chairs for a good 16 minutes. The highlight of our date was our first grocery shopping. Yes this is not some simple grocery shopping. We scoured the 2nd largest giant hypermarket in Singapore to get turnips, beancurds, long beans and lontong(rice cakes). Aside from rice cakes, we found everything giant had to offer. That marked the start of our 7th months together. To many more months and years ahead with her! 😀 (L)

Anuar says…

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