Aqidah Says…

Has it been a long time, really? My last proper post was the beginning of June semester. Now I’m at the beginning of my LAST semester in school. I’m pretty much counting down the days, although this would mean finishing all my assignments and presentations. Le sigh. So let’s see. Only the first week of school and I’m stressing cos I have like

2 Reflective Writings (Indiv)
1 Seminar topic to present + Reflective Writing (Indiv)
1 Research (Group) + Lab report (Indiv)
1 Behaviour modification report (Indiv)
1 Behaviour modification presentation (Indiv)
Tutorial writings every tutorials (Group)

….. to be completed within these 2 months and submissions starting from Nov till Dec. No, I shall not get so stressed up now, no. *gaspbuticanthelpit*

ANYWAYS, other than my hectic school and work life, (cos automation is gonna start this coming monday,WHY!?) my personal life is smooth sailing. Anuar and I celebrated our first earlier this month. 🙂 🙂 🙂 *insertbigsmileyface*

Life with you is so so wonderful and I can’t really say it in words, but, thank you for loving all of me with all that you have. I know you told me to not be so formal about this, just have fun with each other’s company, you say. But I still want to. 😛

you, a thousand million times over. x

Aqidah Says…

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