It’s the long weekend and I’ll be facing the new year with a new bunch of kids in a matter of days. Not sure how I feel about that, but we shall see next week.

May it be a fulfilling year for all of us and may we face all challenges with lots of faith, insyaallah! 🙂

2015 has been a challenging yet fulfilling year for me.

Quit being a PT, graduated with a degree in psychology, got a job as a case worker, but had a bad experience, got a job as an assistant store manager, but I didn’t feel any fulfillment, now I’m a teacher for kids w special needs, an early interventionist.  It’s been 6 months++ and it has been such an eye opener. So many things to learn, to discover and to love. ❤ ❤ ❤ alhamdulilah for this opportunity and chance. #noregrets

Anuar and I got engaged in October. (: The event was surreal, witnessed by close family members, friends and colleagues. Never would have done it any other way. So we set the date, booked most of the vendors and now just saving $$$ just to make sure everything will be as how we want it to be. Excited~



I wish nothing more this year. Just my family, Anuar and friends to be in pink of health, never short of laughers and joy and to overcome any difficulties/challenges with lots of faith. What good is from Him, what’s bad is from Him. He won’t put you into something that you definitely can’t handle. Insyaallah, everything will be good in the end.


x, Aqh.




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