As of now, we have booked most of our vendors.

Catering – Comel molek/ Vywella
Bridal – Wedding Brocade
Photography – Nafimages
Videography – RedTapeProjects
Kompang – Akrab
Dulang hantaran – Pending invoice
Henna – QfCreations
Wedding cake – ?
Wedding band – ?
Transport – ?

Still pending are the compulsory ones like, registration at ROMM, booking of kadi, venue and marriage preparation course which has to be done 150 days before the solemnisation, right?

Other than that, I just wish that money can grow on trees. =/ HAHA.

Insyaallah, may everything go as planned! 😀

x, Aqh.


4 thoughts on “Preps?

    1. anuarxaqidah says:

      heheh yesss yess. 😀 thank you dear! you too okay? have fun with the preparations! may everything goes well, insyaallah!

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