Finally an update!

Salam everyone!

Gosh.. it’s been a long time since I last blogged. Seems like I’ve been blogging once a month. Haha! So here is some quick update.

We’ve ordered the wax seal at carousel for $30 and is waiting for it to arrive! (FINALLY) Soooo excited cos we are slowly purchasing things for the wedding. 🙂 So I’ve asked A to go on a hunt for a kadi. Still have yet to decide on who but yeah still early to panic. We even went around town to find the perfect wedding band. Still finding but we do have what we want in mind. If I could, I would want to purchase a lot of other things already (being me) BUT of course, that can wait since it is still 7 months more to W-day. I believe we do have some time to find the most suitable and of course the most affordable items that we need for our event. Insyaallah we will find it. 🙂 Till then, I shall keep calm and countdown. But still very exciteddddd, whee!

So its week 9 already zomg so fast! 2 more weeks to term break (for a week) and staff retreat! I’ve already received news on where some of my kids are going next year. A mixture of mainstream and Pathlight! So so so happy, alhamdulillah! Not sure if they understand what is going on but, thinking about next year without them already pains my heart. =/ #overlyattachedteacher Oh wells, I shall keep that for November during the Graduation Ceremony instead.

Alhamdulillah for everything that has happened and InsyaAllah I will keep the faith. ❤

PS I’ve changed the blog’s username from thetwelfthnight to Aqhl. I’ve added on the facebook and Instagram buttons on my sidebar. Do follow or add me as friends if you want to! 😀



Finally an update!

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