Summarising October

So we recently celebrated our anniversary. A told me that I don’t have to worry about this year cos he will be planning all of it. So I went to work as per usual in the morning and A picked me up in the evening from home. At first, he drove us to Satay by the Bay and I was so excited cos y’know its satayyyyyyy! Haha but false alarm, he said it’s just a distraction cos we are too early. I was already so curious and I was bugging A to tell me what is the surprise. He used to give in and tell me but this time round he was so persistent. Oh gosh! Hahaha so he drove us to Marina Barrage and I was like ooohhhh, we’re having a picnic! But boy, it was the most beautiful and memorable picnic so far! The picnic was beautifully set up by picneeds (do heed over to their Instagram for more variation of picnics that they had done). Got to meet them after the picnic for handover before we head off and they are such a nice and friendly couple. Coincidently, an article of them came out in the news about their business, a day or two after our picnic! They are definitely an inspiration! ❤

(Wanted to upload the pictures but somehow I can’t cos there is an error. I’ll try again later!)

A week after, we booked our kadi! Before that, I frantically searched online on what are the most important characteristics or main reason for choosing a particular kadi. Most BTBs stressed that kadi must stay near to the nikah venue. So that’s how we decided on the kadi. But lo and behold, the kadi we wanted was already booked! Although we went on the website at the strike of midnight! Oh well. So we had to find another Kadi who stayed near our nikah venue. Tried to find him online just to see how he looked like or how he is during nikah but to no avail. For those who have any idea (photos or videos) on kadi Mohamad Yusop Bin Hassim, please do drop me a comment. Thank you! (: Then I went on to book my venue (my void deck) cos somehow they needed to see my ROMM application before I’m able to book the venue. I think this is only applicable for AMK GRC cos A doesn’t need to show them the ROMM application before he can do the bookings (his void deck). Hmmm.

So the major bookings; ROMM and venue have already been done! Counting down to 36 more days for our first fitting with TWB. Can’t wait! 😀

Summarising October

3 thoughts on “Summarising October

  1. Nurul says:

    Hi there. Came across your blog while searching for the details/video of my tok kadi. =p would you mind to share your wedding vid/pic of the kadi to my email at Our tok kadi seemed to be an underground fella. heh! Appreciate it much! Thank you!

  2. Hazwani says:

    Hi! I came across your blog also while researching for tok kadi. would also appreciate if you can share more about your tok kadi Mohamad Yusop Bin Hassim, as I couldnt find any info about him :p my email add:
    Thanks in advance!

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