One month later

Salaam everyone!

Wow, time really flies! It has been a month plus since we became man & wife! Life has been great so far. The wedding went on as planned, alhamdulillah! Well, except for the timeline which is expected since the mister stays at Choa Chu Kang while I’m all the way at Hougang. (Will do a vendor review in the next post, InsyaAllah.) Went for a cousin’s wedding yesterday and I totally missed the ‘Wedding atmosphere’. (Am I the only one? Haha) Sitting on the dais, having friends and families over and just feeling blessed. ‘Twas the happiest event thus far in 2017. Hence my only advice to my fellow BTBs is to just have fun & sink in every moment with tawakul. InsyaAllah everything will be as planned & even if it didn’t, I’m sure you can overcome it with faith that Allah is the best of planners. (:

The honeymoon was great & I really wish it never ended! 12 days really zoomed by in a blink of an eye! (Refer to my previous post – The campervan life – New Zealand for the deets) Days after that were a blur cos we both are busy working most of the time. But we are planning for something exciting together. InsyaAllah I’ll reveal it soon once we are able to kick start our plans. I’ll keep it here for now.
Aqidah, x

One month later

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