Vendor Review

Finally! My long-awaited post is here! Sorry that it has been a delay cos my time was mostly occupied with work and family. So since I’ve some time in my hand today, (yay to finishing PTMs and case conferences) let me get some blogging done. Firstly, I would like to apologise for the lack of pictures for some vendors as I’m still waiting for the official photos to be ready.

Catering/Decor/Bride’s Room – Vynella

Working with Ella & husband has been a breeze. The food was yummy! (As told by my friends and family members) The dias/pelamin that I wanted was easily delivered by them. I particularly requested for the hexagon at the back to add a touch of modern to the whole setting. I’ve also requested Vynella to do up my bridal room and boy, I was not disappointed! In love with the corner of the room and also the fairy lights behind the curtains!


        Credits: Vynella’s Instagram

 Credits: My own


Bridal – The Wedding Brocade

At the initial stage of our wedding preps, Anuar and I have already decided that we wanted Wedding Brocade to be our bridal. The mak andam/MUA , Eza was punctual, super friendly and easy-going. Her makeup skills were really the main reason why I look how I did on my nikah and sanding. Even my friends were impressed with the look. She doesn’t only make me look beautiful, she also made me feel beautiful! Hence why I chose her again to make me up for our post wedding shoot (still pending). Totally looking forward to working with her again. Here’s some pictures that Nafimages have sent us the day after the sanding.

Credits: Nafimages

Photography – Nafimages

Who doesn’t know Nafimages. He’s also one of those vendors where we have decided upon at our initial stage of our wedding preps. Do take a look at his Instagram page and you’ll know what I mean. He worked together with Harun on both my Nikah and Sanding day and I’m thankful that we have chosen Naf. They are a fun bunch and photo taking with them was such a breeze. Looking forward to our post-wedding shoot!

Credits: Nafimages

Videography – Redtape Projects 

This is also one of the vendors that we have decided upon at our initial stage of our wedding preps. Nafimages and Redtape have a lot of history working together hence why the chemistry that they had on that day was nothing but fun fun fun! They were extremely friendly. I didn’t get to catch the names of the videographers but once I do, I’ll definitely give them a shout out!

Kompang – Akrab

Love love love their performance! Definitely a fun bunch and they definitely put up a great show at both sides of our event. Definitely, no regrets having them to perform on our sanding!

Bouquet & Wedding Car – Cherriesmitten

Since there is a collaboration of Cherriesmitten and wedding brocade, there are no delivery charges for the bouquet. (YAY!) Cherriesmitten has done it again with their lovely bouquet for my event. They also have provided a great driver for the wedding car. He was accommodating and even went an extra mile to ensure that our event was smooth in terms of transportation. However, I do agree that our wedding car is on the pricier side but I have no regrets taking them due to the great service that they have rendered.

Dulang/Trays – Ola Lola

I have seen Ola Lola works most of the time when I attended my friend’s wedding hence why we chose to get them to decorate our dulang/trays. Arfah is such an easy-going lady and her work has definitely met our expectations. The items are also very secure and it feels safe handling the dulang/trays around.


Credits: My own

Henna & Henna party – Qfcreations

The girl who have the same name as me! One of the reasons why I chose her was because she is Anuar’s friend’s wife and the main reason why I get her was because of her work! Totally in love with the floral design that she did on me and of course the amazing dark stains of her henna. My bridesmaid had a great time and in love with the designs of their henna too. Qf even gave a balm to protect my henna from any contact with water and a spray to ensure that the henna stays wet and stays on my hand longer. Hence why I chose her to do my henna for our post wedding shoot too!

Credits: My Own

Wedding cake – Spatula Bakery

Anuar loves their red velvet cake hence why we chose Spatula Bakery! The designs and the taste of the cake definitely are the main factor why we chose Spatula. Never a disappointment!


Credits: My own
Disclaimer: Cheesy picture of us (HAHA), please focus on the beautiful cake.

Wedding card – Kadlawo

With affordable packages and beautiful card designs, choosing Kadlawo has definitely been a great decision. The only con is that we have to take the time to travel to JB to choose our designs and to collect them.


Credits: Kadlawo

Bridesmaid Kit – DIY/The Hanger Artist

I personally DIY the bridesmaid kit. YAY me. I bought some of my items at carousell (the box, mini perfume), SASA & Watsons (biore wipes, wet tissues, tissues, safety pins, hair clip, plasters). I got my cloth/kain at Batam (I can’t remember the name of the shop). I got my hangers at The Hanger Artist. I chanced upon them/my friend recommended me to them because of their great reviews. Their service was the best and they have exceeded my expectations. Do take a look at their page on Facebook and you will be amazed. I’ve gotten my personalised ‘bridesmaid card’ on Etsy and I am in awe of the card quality and workmanship. We also have gotten the wax seal from carousell and I had lots of fun just stamping the seal on the wedding card.

Credits: My own

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my bridesmaids and groomsmen for making sure that our event went smoothly. I can never thank all of you enough and may Allah s.w.t repay all the great deeds (sweat and tiredness) that you all have given us on our event day! I love every single one of you! Thank you! ❤



Credits: Nafimages

This is the longest post I’ve written so far this year. Will definitely look forward to updating more once I’ve received the official photographs from Nafimages. Do leave a comment if you have any questions regarding the vendors stated above. InsyaAllah I’ll do my utmost best to answer.

Till then, have a great Ramadan!

Aqh, x

Vendor Review

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