School was out for a week and term 4 is starting in 2 days time. I’m starting to feel bittersweet ‘cos once again, almost all of my kids are graduating. This time more are going to Pathlight and mainstream, Alhamdulillah! But then again, that is when my worry starts to kick in. Will they be okay?  This is my third year taking the graduating class but I don’t think I can ever get used to seeing my kids leaving for their ‘big school’ aka primary school and not worry at all. I guess this is where I should just Let Go and Let God and have faith in them to be okay. #overlyattachedteacher

So, 12 weeks of school term? Lets go!

#selfreminder tough times don’t last, the results will show/not show but I will try harder, work harder, have more patience, breathe, motivate more, laugh more, play more, enjoy the learning journey more for my kids.

Till the next post,
Aqh x


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